Continue wearing masks after the epidemic.

The 2019 novel coronavirus epidemic has basically come to an end. Even in CN, masks are no longer necessary. However, I have decided to continue wearing masks. Not only that, but I will also wear sunglasses when going out in the future. Many people around me don't understand, and even think it's just for show, but it's not. So why is that?


Last year, when I was making a face payment at an offline store, I found that I could still make a successful payment even when wearing a mask. That's when I realized the problem. This is different from the facial recognition at CN train stations or on phones. Trains require real-name registration, so when we enter the station, we first scan our ID cards and then undergo facial recognition. Some self-service facial recognition devices at train stations already support facial recognition with masks. However, this is similar to facial recognition on phones for people wearing masks. The device recognizes you based on already knowing who you are, comparing your facial information, which is relatively simple. But the facial recognition device for offline payments doesn't initially know who we are, yet it can identify us from a massive amount of data within a few seconds, and it has already been applied in the financial payment field, which is very terrifying.


In summary, let's define this technology. This technology is real-time identity verification based on facial recognition technology. It uses high-definition cameras and deep learning algorithms to detect and recognize facial features, thereby achieving real-time verification of individual identities. Unlike traditional facial recognition technology, it can perform facial recognition in highly complex scenarios, such as when wearing masks, and can quickly and accurately identify and match target individuals from massive amounts of data. In the following text, we will refer to this technology as Technology A.


Based on my previous analysis, there is a tendency for monopolistic interest groups to excessively collect information, especially monopolistic economic interest groups and monopolistic political interest groups.

What can they do with this Technology A? Taking monopolistic economic interest groups as an example (you can imagine the rest), they can collect facial information of people in their own offline stores, office spaces, and devices with cameras that they sell, and use this technology to obtain people's status in order to achieve: personalized pricing based on big data; strict assessment and management of employees, further dehumanization... and so on, these are just some well-known examples. As for "group buying X amount" and even exploiting phone vulnerabilities to attack users' phones with virus software... (multiple security agencies in CN, Kaspersky from Russia, and Google have all criticized this, but the CN government has yet to take any public action. I admit that their products are cheap, but I recommend using mini-programs to make purchases).

Follow-up Measures#

Technology A can recognize you even when wearing a mask, so it can be further enhanced by wearing sunglasses.

Or go a step further: only operate and stay in areas where relevant laws are sound.

And promote the improvement of XXXX.

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