Voice input, voice recognition, voice dictation, and speech-to-text function.

Main requirements: daily search, code comments, chatting, etc. that require input of relatively short text passages.


Voice Typing#

Press the Windows logo key + H on the hardware keyboard.

Use voice typing to speak instead of typing on your computer - Microsoft Support

Supports multiple languages. After speaking, do not click the button, it will automatically complete recognition after detecting that you have stopped speaking. It seems that offline recognition is not available.

When starting and ending recognition by clicking the button, there are some loud sound effects that cannot be turned off. GPT even suggested me to:

  1. Click on the Start button (the Windows logo) in the lower-left corner of your screen.

  2. Type "Settings" in the search bar and press Enter to open the Settings app.

  3. In the Settings window, click on System.

  4. On the left sidebar, choose Sound.

  5. Scroll down to the App volume and device preferences section, and click on it.

  6. Locate the app or feature that is responsible for the voice typing (it could be named "Voice Typing," "Speech-to-text," or similar), and click on the dropdown menu next to it.

  7. Select Mute from the dropdown menu to disable the sound effect for voice typing.

    But there is no such setting at all.

iFlytek Input Method#

The PC version cannot manually download language packs.


Google Voice typing#

Currently, only offline recognition for English is supported. There are few settings.

iFlytek Input Method#

Offline packages can be downloaded, but storage permission must be granted. Online recognition can be used without granting storage permission.



Transcribe text on iPhone - Official Apple Support
Full offline recognition can be enabled, but the effect is not as good as iFlytek and Windows Voice Typing.

iFlytek Input Method#

Every time you press the button, it needs to switch to the full-screen iFlytek interface and then switch back for recognition.

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