Privacy Policy

This site respects the privacy of users. This site promises to clearly inform the collected information.

This privacy policy applies to all products, services, and websites provided by cjh0613.com and its subdomains.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment section below.

Partners of this site#

This site collaborates with many merchants and organizations in various ways. We refer to these merchants and organizations as "partners".

Most of the information collected by this site is collected based on the requirements of partners, aiming to cooperate with partners to provide you with better services. This site will not actively provide additional information to partners.

The partners of this site are as follows:

PartnerIntroductionScope of CooperationPrivacy Policy
Google SearchSearch EngineGlobalPrivacy Policy - Privacy and Terms - Google
Bing SearchSearch EngineGlobalMicrosoft Privacy Statement - Microsoft Privacy
Google AnalyticsWebsite AnalyticsGlobalPrivacy Policy - Google Analytics Help
GitHubStatic Content HostingGlobalGitHub Privacy Statement - GitHub Docs
Umami CloudWebsite Analyticsxlog SubdomainPrivacy Policy - umami
xLogBlockchain-based Blogging Communityxlog SubdomainPrivacy Policy - legal
OpenStreetMapMapsPages containing this contentPrivacy Policy - OpenStreetMap Foundation
Baidu MapsMapsPages containing this contentBaidu Maps Privacy Policy
YouTubeOnline Video PlatformPages containing this contentYouTube Privacy Controls and Settings - How YouTube Works

Information Collected by this site#

  • Information provided by you - Comments and other content left by you while browsing this site.
  • Cookies - When you visit this site, we will send one or more cookies - small files containing a string of characters - to your computer, which can identify your browser. We use cookies technology through statistical service providers to record user preferences, habits, and track user tendencies, such as the way users search, to improve the quality of our services. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can also reset your browser to reject all cookies or prompt before accepting cookies. It should be noted that if you set your browser to reject cookies, some features or services may not function properly.
  • Log Information - When you use this site's services, the server may automatically record information sent by your browser when accessing any website. The information includes your network requests, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of the request, and one or more cookies that can identify your browser. The server is provided by partners.
  • User Communication - When you communicate with the administrators of this site through various means, we may record these communications to process your questions, provide answers, and improve our services.

Why does this site collect data#

  • This site will use your information to provide services, such as displaying comments and maps.
  • This site will use your information to maintain, improve, and develop services. Statistics on various articles to improve services; develop services based on your comments, etc.
  • This site will use your information to provide personalized services, including content and advertisements.

Information Storage and Exchange#

The information of this site is hosted and published on servers provided by partners. Information may pass through any "country" or region.

Comments on the xlog subdomain are stored on the blockchain and are public and cannot be deleted.

Information Disclosure#

This site will not disclose any non-public information at will. This site does not recognize the laws of any "country" or region and will not cooperate with any "official agencies" in principle.

Partners of this site may disclose information, please refer to their privacy policies.

Revision of this policy#

This site may revise this privacy policy from time to time, with the latest version prevailing.

This privacy policy is hosted on the blockchain, and you can access any outdated version at any time.

Ownership of this post data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.