Low-cost registered Hong Kong SIM card ClubSIM (supports VoWiFi)

This article introduces the low-cost Hong Kong SIM card ClubSIM and its alternative products.

Concept Explanation#

  • Hong Kong SIM cards are divided into stored value cards and contract cards.
  • Stored value cards: No contract, for example, a 28 HKD monthly call package. If you don't purchase it the next month, there will be no deduction or service provided. If it is still within the validity period after a few months, you can continue to purchase and use it.
  • Contract cards: Package contract, fixed monthly fee.
  • Real-name authentication: Hong Kong SIM cards need to be authenticated in Hong Kong and can be operated on mobile phones. Common identification documents are supported, such as Hong Kong ID card, Hong Kong and Macau Pass, passport, etc. Sufficient authentication time needs to be reserved. Because of the poor IT system, the authentication process may take a long time (difficult to recognize the documents). Tip: The text should not have reflections.
  • VoWiFi: Simply put, it is making calls and sending/receiving messages through WiFi without connecting to the local operator's base station.

ClubSIM Features#

Features: Stored value card, low cost for maintaining the number, can roam and make calls, supports VoWiFi (WiFi calling).

By using VoWiFi roaming, you can use local Hong Kong rates (28 HKD/month) to make calls. Without using VoWiFi, you can receive messages at a cost of 6 HKD/year.

When not using VoWiFi roaming, the only function available is receiving messages.

ClubSIM VoWiFi Roaming#

Warning: ClubSIM official does not support using VoWiFi outside of Hong Kong.

Officially not supported. Um, cough, cough.

To make ClubSIM roam outside of Hong Kong through VoWiFi, meet the following requirements:

  1. Disable the Wi-Fi Calling GPS permission in the phone's system settings, disable Wi-Fi calling location (prohibit obtaining location information).
  2. Enable airplane mode (prohibit roaming by connecting to local base stations).
  3. Connect to a WiFi that can access the international internet and has an IP address in Hong Kong (connect to a WiFi hotspot shared by a Hong Kong SIM card's data or other Hong Kong proxies that support UDP, especially ports 500/4500).

That's it.

Remember to clear DNS or restart the device.

It is recommended to directly connect to a WiFi that can access the international internet using the method of configuring the router. (Using only the applications on the phone for proxy may not work.)

Make sure to use the original Hong Kong IP proxy for the following domains:


Apple devices require additional proxy:


If you don't know how to configure, please use a global proxy.

You need to purchase the 28 HKD local call package.

Since the call package is only for local use, it is not possible to make or receive calls to/from phone numbers outside of Hong Kong.

Some users have reported that after successfully making a call using Wi-Fi calling, switching the network environment to pure mainland Wi-Fi will restore China Unicom roaming, but you can still make and receive calls.

Users have reported that even if they have purchased a local SMS package, sending messages is temporarily not supported.

Alternative Solutions#

China Telecom Hong Kong#

No monthly fee, optional unlimited data packages for three regions:

98 HKD 10GB + 100 minutes of calls to three regions

188 HKD 20GB + 100 minutes of calls to three regions

288 HKD 40GB + 100 minutes of calls to three regions

Minimum recharge of 50 HKD every six months to maintain the number.


HK$33, 30-day package: unlimited local data^ + 5000 minutes of local calls in Hong Kong (^first 50GB at up to 42Mbps, then up to 128kbps)

  • Stored value card
  • Even if you don't purchase this package, receiving messages is free.
  • Does not support VoWiFi
  • Valid for six months, recharge to extend the validity. Minimum recharge of 50 HKD at a time.

Suitable for travelers who visit Hong Kong at least once every six months.

EasyCall Virtual Number#

Only supports WeChat activation, high risk

WeChat SMS package for 360 days, HK$98/360 days

  • Supports receiving messages through WeChat
  • Supports making calls and sending/receiving messages through the EasyCall app
  • Pay-as-you-go for calls
  • Hong Kong numbers support number portability

CUniq HK Moon Card#

Contract card, no data package, basic monthly fee of $9


Other cards that support VoWiFi. Currently, only ClubSIM supports stored value cards.


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