I was shocked to hear that Chen Hao, the blogger of Coolshell, passed away the day before yesterday.

According to Twitter's latest policy, if an account is not frequently used, it will be deactivated. Many people have made backups of his Twitter content, such as:

haoel-articles: The public articles / tweets / microblogs published by or related to @haoel

twint/haoel.csv at master · yihong0618/twint · GitHub

There are also people who have made backups of Coolshell's website, and Internet Archive has already archived the data of Coolshell.

I don't often browse Coolshell. The most memorable article for me is "Being an Environmentally Friendly Programmer, Starting from Not Using Baidu" | CoolShell. The article mainly talks about his dissatisfaction with the Baidu search engine and his experience setting up a pop-up window for Baidu search engine access on the Coolshell website. He believes that Baidu search results are poor, with many false advertisements and heavy commercialization, and hopes that Baidu can do better.

He set up a pop-up window for access from Baidu, and I have written a similar project called anti-selfish-browser: This is an open-source project that aims to prompt users to stop using old IE browsers and rogue browsers in mainland China: When an IE browser (including browsers using the IE kernel) accesses a website, it will automatically redirect to the browser upgrade page; when a rogue browser in mainland China accesses a website, a pop-up window will appear. Because of the similarity, I carefully read his article and code.

Now browsing Coolshell, he wrote about Nostr and censorship in February, Talking about Nostr and Censorship | CoolShell. This article is about the Nostr protocol and censorship. I have also tried the Nostr client before.

Here is a part of his personal profile:

The following is my personal "hate manual," which is enough to prove that this is a stupid era.

  • I hate all kinds of processes, methodologies, consultants, SQA, and process departments that do not start from the R&D team, the team, and the project.
  • I hate Chinese IT companies that sacrifice user interests for their own business goals.
  • I hate the simple plagiarism and duplication of the C2C-style in China.
  • I hate the wall on the Internet and the annoying censorship mechanisms. (It's a feat for me to have a .cn domain name)
  • I hate some editors and authors in China who publish rubbish books.

In addition, I will not publish a book until I am at least 45 years old because I feel that before that, I will not have enough knowledge and qualifications to publish a book. So, editors from various publishing houses, please don't come to me to discuss publishing a book. Instead of spending energy to talk to me about publishing a book, it's better to think about how to publish fewer bad books.

——About Chen Hao | CoolShell


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