Use Kiwix to download and read Wikipedia offline.

This article introduces the method of using Kiwix to download and read offline Wikipedia.

By obtaining knowledge through offline reading, you can learn new information anytime, anywhere without being affected by network environment or network costs. Even without internet access, you can study new knowledge on airplanes, at sea, or in mountainous areas.



Wikipedia is the largest collaborative project of free content, open editing, and multilingual online encyclopedia in the world. This project utilizes Wiki technology, allowing users from around the world, including yourself, to modify its content simply by using a web browser. Currently, Wikipedia has become the largest and most popular reference tool on the global internet and is recognized as one of the top ten most popular websites worldwide.


Kiwix is an offline content reader that can be used to access Wikipedia and other content.

Kiwix reader can run on almost any device, including mobile phones and computers. For end users, its user experience is almost the same as a regular browser because its interface is very similar to browsing the original website, except it does not have internet connectivity.

ZIM Files

The ZIM file format is a free archive format used to store Wiki content such as Wikipedia for offline browsing. This format highly compresses articles (ZIM files are very small and can be easily stored on small and inexpensive devices), supports full-text search indexing, local categorization, and image management, similar to the functionality of the MediaWiki system. Unlike downloading the original Wikipedia XML database, the entire ZIM file can be easily indexed and read by programs like Kiwix.


  1. Download and install Kiwix.
  2. Download the ZIM file.
  3. Open the ZIM file with Kiwix.

Download and Install Kiwix

Please click this link to go to the download page: Download Kiwix Reader - Kiwix

It is recommended to install the desktop client first to download the ZIM file.

(Kiwix uses aria2 for accelerated downloads in the Windows environment.)

Download the ZIM File

There are several ways to download: through the Kiwix software, using a downloader or browser to download directly, or using a BitTorrent client.

Download the ZIM File from Kiwix

Open the Kiwix client and select "Wikipedia" for download.

There are three options:

  • "max" includes all content
  • "no pic" does not include images
  • "min" occupies the least amount of space

Download the appropriate version based on the remaining storage space on your device and your needs.

Download the ZIM File from the Website

Open the website Index of /zim/wikipedia

Find "wikipedia_zh_all" (you can use the search function in your browser), which also has three types (see "Download the ZIM File from Kiwix"). Please download the latest appropriate version.

If the internet speed is too slow, consider using tools such as download managers (e.g., IDM, Thunder) or proxy servers.

You can also choose to download via BitTorrent (requires using clients like qbittorrent, Thunder):



Open the ZIM File with Kiwix

Simply open the downloaded ZIM file.


What is Kiwix?

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