Brave browser connects (logs in) Crossbell xLog.

Brave Browser is a Web3 browser that integrates an encrypted wallet.

There are several differences between a Web3 browser and a regular browser with MetaMask:

  1. Integration: A Web3 browser is specifically designed to support Web3.0 technology and has integrated many features related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It provides built-in encrypted wallets, access to decentralized applications (DApps), and blockchain interaction. On the other hand, a regular browser requires the installation of the MetaMask extension to achieve similar functionality.

  2. User experience: Since Web3 browsers are optimized for Web3.0 technology, they generally provide a smoother and more integrated user experience. Users do not need to install and configure the MetaMask extension separately; they can directly access and interact with blockchain-related content within the browser.

  3. Security: There are some differences in security between Web3 browsers and the MetaMask extension. Web3 browsers usually have built-in security mechanisms to prevent malicious website attacks and phishing attacks. While the MetaMask extension also provides some security protection, users need to ensure the security of the extension themselves and avoid downloading and using extensions from untrusted sources.

  4. Compatibility: Regular browsers and the MetaMask extension are usually cross-platform and can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, Web3 browsers may be customized and developed for specific operating systems or devices, which may limit their compatibility.

The steps to connect (log in) Crossbell xLog using Brave Browser are as follows:

  1. Import the mnemonic phrase into the built-in wallet of Brave Browser.
  2. In the browser settings > Web 3 > Wallet Networks, add a network and enter the name of Crossbell. It should automatically find and complete the configuration.
  3. Connect to Crossbell xLog.

It has been tested that a similar configuration can also be done on Android and iOS devices using Brave Browser. Additionally, when connecting, compared to a regular browser with a wallet plugin, there is no need to manually switch applications for confirmation. However, on mobile devices, it is currently not possible to automatically complete the network configuration after entering the name.

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